DA-BAR 14th Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Forum and Product Exhibition

DA-BAR 14th Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Forum and Product Exhibition


By: Estrella Z. Gallardo

DA-BAR 14th Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Forum and Product Exhibition
Visitors try meat products from native pig during the 14th Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Forum and Product Exhibition

The Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Forum and Product Exhibition with this year’s theme “ Agripreneurship Mainstreaming Agriculture and Fisheries R&D by Delivering Technology Breakthroughs to our Farmers and Fisherfalk” was held at SM Megatrade 2, Mandaluyong City from August 30 to September 2, 2018, now on its 14th year.

On display during the event were products from SOYBEAN, from partner agency, RFOs, Gourmix, Soybean Chips & Soy Coffee.

GARLIC, DARFDI/DARFOS/ROS SORSOGON, Garlic, Garlic powder, Garlic Granules, Pickled Garlic, Garlic Sauce & Garlic Chips; COFFEE, PHILMECH, PLGU-Ifugao, Roasted whole Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee beans, DLGH-Ifugao, Coffee Beans; ONION, UPLB, Onion leaves powder for applications for kropek, pandesal and noodles, onion leaves tea, Onion leaves seasoning and vacuum fried onion leaves exctract; KALUMPIT, SLSU-Tagkawayan, Kalumpit Wine, Jam, Jelly, Candy; NIPA PALM SUGAR, FREEDOM, Nipa Palm, Sugar; RICE, CBSUA, Parboiled Rice, Seasoned Germinated Parboiled, Rice Bar Crispies, Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Brown Rice Champorado-Pigeon Pea Mix, Ready-to-Eat 9RTE) Brown Champora-Mungbean, Black Rice Coffee, Fermented Rice Milk, BUCAF, Indigenous Upland Rice Varieties, PLGU-Ifugao, Minaangan Rice, Rice Coffee, Tinawon rice, Tinawon glutinous rice, Rice wine; MUSHROOM, NVSU, Shiitake chili paste, Shiitake Turmeric Tea, SLSU, Mazapan con Mushroom, Mushroom Chili Appetizer, Mushroom Cookies, Ice cream Mushroom; and CORN, Corn combi region2.

Highlighting the event were the Launching of the 2018 BAR Primer, Book Launch of a.) The Way Forward: Modernization and Industrialization of Philippine Agriculture and b.) Training Manual on Financial Viability and Profitability Analysis on New Technologies and Enterprises.

There was also the launching of the Rationalized Regional Research, Development and Extension Network for Agriculture and Fisheries (RRDEN), Seminar Service and Product Demonstration, Awarding of Intellectual Property Rights Certificates and Awarding of Best Innovative Product and Best Booth.

The second day and third day featured presentations of the results of the financial viability analysis of various products from nipa palm sugar, batuan, mushroom, coffee, cacao, queen pineapple, mango abaca, and native chicken.

Other seminar topics and technology demonstrations include value-adding products from chevon, corn, guyabano, and soybean; green corn silage for dairy cattle; production of texturized soy protein; algal paste technology, and microbial inoculant for pests and diseases.

This year’s central display setting showcased some of the R&D projects being coordinated by the bureau and the supported technologies that have yielded positive economic results. These include rice, corn, soybean, coffee, cacao, garlic, native pig, goat, sheep, seaweeds, bangus, kapis, among others.

Visitors coming from various stakeholders including the DA family, government agencies research institutions, local government units, private sector, people’s organizations as well as researchers and students from the different state colleges and universities attended the 14th Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Forum and Product Exhibition.

BAR, a staff bureau of the Department of Agriculture (DA), was established to lead and coordinate the agriculture and fisheries research and development (R&D) in the country. Specifically, the Bureau is tasked to consolidate, strengthen, and develop the R&D system to improve its effectiveness and efficiency. BAR has been at the forefront of bringing relevant research results to benefit the Filipino people.

More than funding and coordinating R&D in agriculture and fisheries, BAR intensified its efforts in making R&D responsive to the needs of the sector by implementing programs that will not on address food production, increase production and profitability, and reduce poverty but will also empower the farming and fishing communities and sustain agricultural productivity.

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