Science Head: Towards to a more progressive PAMAMAZON and Manila thru Science, Technology and Innovation

National, Science and Technology

By: Estrella Z. Gallardo

Department of Science and Technology Secretary Fortunato T. de la Pena in behalf of the DOST was very thankful to have each one of the guests and participants in the opening of the DOST-NCR S&T and Exhibits in the PAMAMAZON cluster, at the Universidad de Manila Basketball Court, Manila on September 26, 2018.

DOST-NCR is bringing science and technology to the different parts of Metro Manila through cluster like this one, and glad that the first cluster is held in Manila, the Secretary said.

It is but fitting and proper to hold the first salvo of PAMAMAZON S&T in Manila, because Manila is not only rich in history but also rich in the beautiful promise of tomorrow. Manila aside from being known for center of culture and education had been part of marked transformational events in the country.

At present, Manila is one of the cities activity implementing the infrastructure development being pursued by the government, in fact, one of the biggest projects in Manila is four reclamation projects for the 318 hectares “Manila Waterfront City to be constructed”.

Manila, according to the media will retrieve its glory as the Pearl of the Orient, but for us, there is nothing to get back, since nothing had been lost, Manila has kept shining.

Manila is about to reach its second Golden Age with the help of science, technology and innovation.

Manila as a venue for Centers of Excellence in the field of education, business, medicine and engineering, which is very important, since colleges and universities are the sources of new ideas.

Under our new program for “Science for Change” it is easier to realize this new idea. We are going to strengthen the relation between Centers of Excellence, most especially state colleges and universities and private sector.

Currently, we are accepting research proposals from colleges and universities where the proposals have already ready industry to take. R&D proposals will not have to be buried to forgetfulness in the libraries, but well be used by our countrymen.

Relative to this, the Balik Scientist Act- that had been made into law will not only help us augment the shortage of scientist in the country but can also help their new ideas to the teachers and students and if there is buildup in talent of the faculty, there is corresponding buildup in the talent of the SCUs. I am aware that the DOST-NCR is helping in the upgrading of laboratories and facilities of the SUCs.

If we want to be abreast with our neighboring countries in the ASEAN, there is a need to also upgrade the facilities that our students and faculty will be using. The strong relationship between the DOST and the Filipino inventors is of great help to push innovation in the country.

In the field of agriculture development, we know that with the establishment of the structures, different kinds of businesses will in bloom around. With these, DOST will be of help through its entrepreneur programs, such as the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP), by means of the Grants-in-Aid Program.

DOST-NCR has helped business ranging from the big business in jewelry to a group of women in Tondo, producing liquid dishwashing soap and hand lotion. So if you have business come to DOST and allow us to make your business flourish.

“ I am happy to state that today, in preparing the business project, included therein is the use of modern technology in waste management, energy efficiency and protection of the environment, because green industry is one of the agenda we are pursuing”, the Secretary said.

But the most that DOST is very much proud of, that your beloved Mayor is known for his heart for the poor, DOST is the same through our program CEST, (Community Empowerment through Science and Technology).

“ We believe that Pinoy got talent. We believe that Pinoy is industrious and most of all we believe that Pinoy will level up if given the duly needed technical help from our experts”, the Science Head added.

And for this reason DOST is looking for Communities it will designate to become CEST, to be trained and given facilities to be used to support livelihood.

In Manila we have two CEST Communities of DOST-NCR, one in Barangay 123 in Tondo and one in Barangay 846 in Pandacan.

“I  believe that DOST-NCR could help more not only in CEST but in other programs with the help of S&T Fair, we are having here”.

And in ending de la Pena said, “ang battle cry po namin sa DOST ay “ nasa siyensya ang pag-asa”. Ang siyensya ay para sa lahat, kayat lumapit lang kayo sa amin at bukas ang pintuan namin”. (PSciJourn MegaManila)

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