DOST-PCAARRD chief welcomes participants of the joint RRDCC Meeting

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By Estrella Z. Gallardo

Department of Science and Technology (DOST-PCAARRD) chief Dr. Reynaldo V. Ebora welcomed the participants of the Joint Regional Research and Development Coordinating Councils (RRDCC) Meeting.

The RRDCC is the policy-making body tasked to lay down polices and guidelines and approve long term consortium plans. It is composed of the heads of the different consortia, each of which is dubbed as the PCAARRD in the regions.

The meeting which was held at the RD Guerrero Hall, DOST-PCAARRD Innovation and Technology Center on January 31, 2019 was attended by Chairpersons, Consortium Directors, and PCAARRD Directorate.

Ebora citing the importance of the meeting in being able to sustain what the RRDCC has accomplished in the past year, underscored the importance of partnership and collaboration between the Council and the RRDCC in reference to the letters P and C in the Council’s acronym.

“With this meeting, we hope that we will be able to launch programs that will not only be relevant to national programs but will also be relevant to the region,” Ebora said.

Ebora also challenged the RRDCC towards the crafting of plans and activities that are not routine and to be more visible in implementing R&D activities. (MegaManila Science Journalists)

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