Welcome Remarks of Dr. Jaime C. Montoya, Executive Director, PCHRD during the Talakayang HeaRT (Health Research and Technology) Beat

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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all here at Talakayang HeaRT (Health Research and Technology) Beat which serves as a venue to disseminate and promote the Council’s initiatives, programs, advocacy, and partnerships with the media and key stakeholders. This is also our contribution to DOST’s Technology Media Conference.

As the national coordinating body for health research, we are driven in delivering products and services which strengthen healthcare delivery and industry.

Through the years, we have expanded our projects to reach out to more people in the communities. Example of these are Rxbox devices already installed in 143 municipalities nationwide. By enabling diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of patients from geographically isolated and depressed areas of the country, RxBox reduces unnecessary travels and hospitalizations.

To help control mosquito population and prevent dengue outbreak in the communities, more than a hundred thousand Ovi-Larvicidal (OL) Trap kits and four million sachet pellets were also distributed.

As part of the Council’s priority to develop alternative drugs that are safe, effective and affordable, our Tuklas Lunas program envisions to produce world-class medicines derived from the Philippine biodiversity, leveraging on local expertise. Potential products from the program can be in the form of standardized herbal supplements, herbal drugs and drug candidates.

PCHRD also supported genomics projects on HIV surveillance, and researches on sepsis and leptospirosis. The recent news on HIV strains and epidemiology in the Philippines came from researches supported by the PCHRD.

Our partnership with the private sector also leads to the developments of technologies such as the Axis Knee System and volume-cycled ventilator for both adults and kids. The Axis Knee System, developed by the Orthopaedic International, Inc., is now available in the market at a price 40-50% lower than other commercial knee systems.

These are just few of the Council’s Initiatives that the people should look out for. With the help of our media friends present today, we hope that you can help us increase their awareness and work hand in hand with us in promoting PCHRD programs and services, in particular, and Philippine health research in general.

In today’s kapihan, we, together with our partners from the DOST-ST1I, are launching an exciting public service television program called Siyensikat. Each episode of this TV program will feature a DOST technology, service or intervention which benefits every Filipino. One episode of Siyensikat will be about the Axis Knee System.

Again, thank you everyone for coming, Simulan na po natin ang ating kapihan. Mabuhay! (MegaManila Science Journalists)

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