MESSAGE (Ground – breaking ceremony) Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara Undersecretary for R&D, DOST

Science and Technology

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Morning!

Let me first congratulate the Packaging Technology Division or PTD that finally its goal of having a state of the art research and testing facility for distribution packaging will soon be realized, hopefully before the end of 2019. The establishment of simulation packaging testing laboratory (SPTL) will be another significant step being undertaken by PTD-ITDI to keep up with the increasing international testing protocols and competition worldwide.

I remember when I asked Daisy, why we have to establish SPTL and she simply said, we need to (1) address product damage and spoilage while in transit, (2) find ways and solutions to address high transport packaging cost, and (3) address the trend towards E-commerce and Omni channel distribution. Too technical for many of us but overall it means that there is science and technology in the distribution of goods, that packaging is not just a container. For example, Omni channel means that with the current trend on E-commerce from the traditional of 3 to 5 touches, the product now goes to about 25 touches at different levels of handling and environmental hazards in the supply chain. It is therefore important that the design of transport packaging must be able to protect the product while in transit at minimum cost possible. Handling and environmental hazards Include shock, vibration, compression, temperature, relative humidity and pressure among others. With SPTL, all these environmental hazards can be simulated and the results or data derived will be used by PTD’s packaging engineer as basis in designing the structure and cushion requirements of specific product per market destination.

From the current ISTA Series 1 (a,b,c,d,e) certification, with SPTL, PTD can be certified for ISTA Series 1 to 3. This means that from non- simulation testing, PTD can be certified for general simulation testing protocols. I asked PTD ‘Hang numbers meron ang ISTA’, they said 7, and I told them why not aim to complete all the ISTA Series of testing protocols, DOST will support you. By the way ISTA or the International Safe Transit Association Is a global certifying body for the development of testing procedures and protocols for distribution packaging. Aside from ISTA, PTD is now aiming for UN certification for testing packaging of dangerous goods.

The green packaging laboratory (GPL) will be co-located Inside the SPTL. This will serve as a hub for research and development on new and sustainable packaging technology. GPL will focus on the (1) use of Indigenous and renewable materials, and (2) innovation on processes to reduce carbon prints. PTD Is opened for R&D collaboration with the private sector, academe and other research institutions both local and foreign.

I am very happy to be part of the ground-breaking ceremony of SPTL and GPL. The establishment of these facilities are very timely and relevant to the growing packaging and testing requirements of the local industries. Again congratulations to PTD. You have our support. (MegaManila Science Journalists)

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