Science Secretary’s Speech in the Launching of the ADMATEL’S 3D X-Ray machine

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By Estrella Z. Gallardo


Department of Science and Technology Secretary Fortunato T. de la Peña, in his keynote speech during the launching of the 3D X-Ray machine of ADMATEL highlighted ADMATEL’S important role in the strengthening of the Philippine Manufacturing Industry though providing high caliber equipment, test methods that are based on international competency and capability.

The launching of ADMATEL 3D X-Ray on April 2, 2019 had the theme “Expansion, Expertise, Excellence, ADMATEL towards Long Term Competitiveness and Sustainability”.

The advanced Device and Materials Testing Laboratory (ADMATEL) of the DOST is the country’s first state-of-the-art failure analysis testing laboratory, inaugurated on May 2013 by President Benigno S. Aquino III.

It was initially formed to accommodate the needs of the semiconductor and electronics (S&E) industry which is greatly challenged with the lack of a local FA lab and competencies, was able to provide solutions to complex problems as a result of fast-paced changes in market trends and competition.

The facility was successful in helping local industries to conduct FA to determine the cause of product inadequacies, imaging to check material defect, process development testing, optimization of procedures, product development, quality inspection, materials characterization development of new materials, and R&D.

In May 2015, the PNS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certificate was awarded to ADMATEL’S thermal Analysis & Chemical Metallurgical Laboratories by the Department of Trade and Industries’ Philippine Accreditation Bureau which certifies that test methods and data produced are accurate and based on international standards, while full accreditation of the laboratory was awarded last November 2018.

Today, ADMATEL has served more than 300 clients from various allied industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, construction, plastic, oil, energy, as well as clients from the academe and other government agencies. Dedicated to their motto “Limitless possibilities, “ADMATEL continued to push boundaries, promoting innovation by expanding their technical capabilities through new test and services.

In November 2018, a new equipment 3D X-Ray arrived in the facility, another step higher in improving the country’s S&T infrastructure. This powerful tool is a non-destructive test method capable of validating defects and viewing an internal geometry of material without damaging it. It is used for verifying assembly, bonding & weld quality, density analysis, 3D metrology, surface reconstruction for reverse engineering, and much more.

This new equipment will capacitate local manufacturing companies, through providing support in product quality test services that will significantly promote growth and improve global competitiveness that can attract potential investors seeking a more conducive business environment. As ADMATEL expands, as one of DOST’s premier testing, facility, ADMATEL makes sure the competencies and ease of doing business with clients and partners are the top priority.

They have a team of experts coming from diverse fields in Science and Engineering that work together to provide high-quality test results in 24-hours turnaround time as compared to the 5 to 6 days when the analysis is done outside the country.

Their technical staff consistently undergo local and overseas training to further strengthen their skills and competency. They actively seek to make this facility very accessible by the Filipino People by providing almost 40% lower rates for local testing and analytical services and 20% additional reduced rates for students and researchers.

In 2018, ADMATEL-PCIEERD-EPDC has granted assistance worth more than Php. 2,000,000. This only proves that our country is already leaning towards an innovation-driven nation, giving full support to our future scientists and engineers who will improve the status of research and development that is really the key driver of any fast-emerging country.

Last year ADMATEL produced more than 17 Million Pesos in Revenue, analyzed more than 2000 samples, and successfully served 114 companies, 45% of which are new clients (63 new clients). Furthermore, the Department of Science and Technology, through the DOST GIA, recognized the importance of unique research collaboration with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency on Intelligent Data Analysis System for Drug Trafficking Investigation in the Philippines (IDAS).

ADMATEL has ventured into its pilot R&D program under the umbrella program of PCIEERD on Artificial Intelligence. This DOST-funded 2-year program is co-implemented with the Advanced Science and Technology Institute. Through this project, more than 10 new equipment such as the gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer, were acquired, which soon will serve the industry as well. This R&D initiative promoted also to the establishment of the ADMATEL R&D Laboratory, equipped with basic and most needed tools for an R&D activity. PDEA will be the main beneficiary of this project, supporting the efforts of the Philippine government in solving the drug menace in the country.

Today, ADMATEL with the support of ITDI and DOST aims to generate 25 Million Peso revenue after the launching of this new installation: 3D X-Ray. To achieve this ambitious goal, they are currently engaged in aggressive marketing that will further extend their customer base as well as collaborations with the industry in potential projects that will increase utilization of their facilities.

This challenge was set so that ADMATEL besides being a government subsidized testing facility for the local industry would eventually become sustainable, self-sufficient and possibly be an income-generating government facility in the future.

“So I urge everyone from the private sector, the academe, and the other government agencies, let us be involved in helping our country breakthrough by being partners in solving complex problems through an exchange of creative idea on science and technology and innovation and ultimately turning them into actual solutions. I invite all of you to take full advantage of these local resources and newest technologies here at ADMATEL. I count on your commitment. Now is the perfect time to embrace the future, to be aggressive, to be competitive, and to be recognized as a world player in the global supply chain because now we are capable, now we are well-equipped as an S&T nation” Secretary de la Peña said in closing. (MegaManila Science Journalists)


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