Taiwan’s Lucky Dragon Pearl Milk Tea has come to Philippines

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By Estrella Z. Gallardo


A milk tea that originated from Taiwan, called the Lucky Dragon Pearl Milk Tea has come to Philippines at the NLEX shell of Asia in Guiguinto, Bulacan to host the grand opening of its first and only Lucky Dragon Pearl Milk Tea in the country for the meantime.

Lucky Dragon Pearl Milk Tea is owned by Mr. Johnson Uy, a young Filipino-Chinese Businessman, who lives in Manila with his family for quite sometime, according to Mr. Henry Lato, also a businessman and spokesperson of Mr. Uy during the grand opening.

He also said that the concept of Lucky Dragon Pearl Milk Tea is from Taiwan, established by Mr. Johnson Uy in June 2019.

Lucky Dragon Pearl Milk Tea is a tea established dedicated to provide customers with the healthiest and delicious drink of ingredients carefully selected and marked hard to ensure high quality and tasty drinks in every cup you take.

Lucky Dragon Pearl Milk Tea comes in Sugar Series: Brown Sugar w/ Pearl & Milk; Brown Sugar w/ Pearl Milk; Brown Sugar w/ Pearl and Milk Tea; Chocolate w/ Pearl; Chocolate with Pearl and Milk Tea and Coffee w/ Pearl and Milk;

In Tea Series: Matcha Latte and Black Tea Latte and a Peal Milk Tea with Sugar Series: strawberry w/ Pearl & Milk; Peach w/ Pearl and Milk; Blueberry w/ Pearl and Taro w/ Pearl and Milk.

Benefits from Lucky Dragon Pearl Milk Tea:

  1. Provides strength for the body – Aside from the compounds above, milk has a lot of different components, making it suitable for health. First, milk makes the body stronger. Specifically, its calcium content makes the bone stronger that you can do your daily activities efficiently.
  2. A great source of energy – Undoubtedly, a glass of milk produces energy for the body to function well. The carb content, as well as the other elements milk, has, also make the body stronger, resulting in too much energy. Therefore, more things can be done after you drink milk.
  3. Fairer and softer skin – For quite some time now, we have all believed that milk makes our skin look bright and good. Therefore, the health benefits of milk are not just for our body, but our skin, as well.
  4. Reduces stress – More often than not, our stress comes from a lot of things. When you drink milk tea, you’ll be less stressed in any given situation as milk itself, decreases tension.

Refreshes the body. Milk tea has caffeine, too, and this refreshes the body.

  1. Functions as an anti-inflammatory – Milk tea has an anti-inflammatory agent functioning as an antioxidant in tea.
  2. Effective for weight loss – Milk tea can also function as an agent for both fattening and weight loss. If you want to gain weight, the fat compound of milk in milk tea can help. And, if you want to lose weight, milk tea works too, as a dietary agent by the polyphenol and caffeine. These are compounds in milk tea that help lose weight.
  3. Stress-resistant – Aside from reducing stress, milk tea functions as an antioxidant too, that resists stress.
  4. Mood enhancer – With this milk tea, you are also drinking black tea. The black tea, on the other hand, has a component called I-theanine, which boosts or enhances a good mood.
  5. Good for the heart – If you drink more than 3 cups of tea alone, can cut the risk of heart disease. (PPCI)

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