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SyenSaya’s Technology Forum entitled “ANG PLASTIK MO: IsangTalakayanPatungkolsaKalinisan ng Pamayanan” has unfolded wherein talks about community cleanliness, with emphasis on plastic and plastic waste management were discussed to raise the awareness of business owners and organizations on the status and management of plastic wastes.

Technology Forum is an annual event that is a part of LBSCFI’s Syensaya three-day celebration. It showcases different talks that are relevant with the social issues within the country wherein its theme varies on the Department of Science and Technology’s annual National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) theme. “Science for the People: Enabling Technologies for Sustainable Development” being this year’s theme NSTW’s theme showcases UNDP’s Sustainable Development goals which is where TechnoForum’s theme, “ANG PLASTIK MO” has been derived.

The forum covers two of the seventeen goals namely: Goal #6, Clean Water and Sanitation, and Goal #12, Responsible Consumption and Production. Specifically, the TechnoForum talks address one of Goal #6’s targets which states that, 

by 2030, we must be able to improve water quality by reducing pollution, eliminating dumping and minimizing release of hazardous chemicals and materials, halving the proportion of untreated wastewater and substantially increasing recycling and safe reuse globally,

The forum also addresses some of Goal #12’s targets:

By 2030, we must be able to substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse, and to encourage companies, especially large and transnational companies, to adopt sustainable practices and to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle


Municipal level action on the “No Plastic Los Baños” Ordinance

This year, the forum’s speakers tackled on how they manage, clean, or reduce plastic wastes in their respective communities. Dr. Antonio Alcantara, the Los Baños Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer presented the status of Implementation of the Municipal Ordinance No. 2008-752.

The mentioned ordinance states the prohibition of the use of plastic bags on dry goods & regulating its utilization on wet goods and prohibiting the use of styrofoam in the municipality of Los Baños. This was later expanded to the prohibition of the use of plastic bags, plastic drinking straws, plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic spoon and fork, and styrofoam. 

In his talk, Dr Alcantara mentioned their “Buy Back Plastic Bags” initiative. Their efforts to reuse plastic bottles into planting materials and decorations were also mentioned in his talk. Along these, Dr.Alcantara also presented the municipality’s sustainability efforts into maintaining the implementation of the ordinance


Barangay level action on the “No Plastic Los Baños” Ordinance

The BENRO of PuthoTuntungin, Mr.ConradoLanuzo and Baybayin, Mr. Thomas Baes, shared their respective barangays’ efforts in eliminating plastic wastes to serve as a glimpse on the local government unit’s efforts into implementing the ordinance. Putho Elementary School’s participation was mentioned as they have imparted their cooperation in the implementation of the ordinance through collection of plastics and inserting them in PET bottles which were then used as landscape decorations and as plot/vermiculture bed dividers in their Eco Park. Add to that, some of the PET bottles collected were even used as a building material for their bahay-kubo.

LLDA and the freshwater cleanliness of Laguna de Bay

Efforts in cleaning water bodies in Laguna were also tackled through Ms. Marilyn E. Apacionado who discussed the sanitation efforts of the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA). Ms.Apacionado’s talk included the development of new municipal solid waste disposal sites and their adherence to the LISCOP Project which were strengthened by their partnership with DENR and DILG thru conduct of different workshops, lectures, study tours, and more. Her talk also showcased LLDA’s efforts in their river rehabilitation programs wherein youth volunteers were said to be assembled to execute the clean-up of Laguna de Bay.


DOST-CALABARZON spearheads the LBSCFI SyensayaTechnoforum entitled “ANG PLASTIK MO: IsangTalakayan Patungkol saKalinisan ng Pamayanan”

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