DFA: Covid 19-infected overseas Pinoys hit 8,679

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The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said the number of overseas Filipinos infected with the Covid-19 virus has already hit 8,679 as of last Sunday (July 5).

The latest additional cases were from the Middle East and Europe, DFA said in case bulletin, adding that of the total, 5,201 have recovered, while 577 have died.

The DFA bulletin said a total of 2,901 Filipinos abroad are still undergoing treatment for the viral infection.

DFA also reported that of the 177 countries/territories across the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, and Middle East/Africa included in the updated infographics on travel restrictions, 31 have already lifted the inbound border restrictions on Filipino travelers, subject to medical protocols on arriving passengers.

The additional countries that have recently opened their borders to Pinoys include Bahamas, Egypt, Ethiopia and UAE.

On the other hand, 68 countries/territories in the list still do not allow entry in their borders such as Cuba, Haiti, Palau, Timor Leste, France, and most countries in Middle East/Africa, among others.

About 78 countries/territories, despite inbound border closures, give entry exemptions to Filipinos who are citizens of the destination country and returning residents, OFWs with work visas and contracts, diplomatic or UN passport holders going to post or on official travel.

The new update under this category is Macau SAR, with imposed medical protocols. DFA also said the updated infographics also confirm that 138 countries now allow Filipinos to return to the Philippines, subject to flight availability and other special arrangements.

New countries which have allowed departures for the Philippines include the mentioned countries which also recently opened their inbound restrictions.

The DFA, together with its embassies and consulates in these countries, said it remains fully committe to bringing home Filipino nationals, whenever possible.

Meanwhile, with the recent announcement of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) of the resumption of international flight operations in NAIA Terminal 3 beginning 12:01 a.m. of July 8, the DFA reiterated that travel restrictions can change without prior public notice.

The DFA advised all travelers to always check ahead of travel dates with the airlines that will be used as well as with relevant embassies or consulates before departure or before booking a ticket.

The Department of Health (DOH) in its latest update said the country’s total Covid-19 cases logged has already reached 44,254 last Sunday. The total number of recoveries nationwide is 11,942, while the death toll is 1,297. Cebu is now considered as the country’s Covid-19 epicenter.

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