Pantabangan Dam water remains below spilling level

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CABANATUAN CITY – The National Irrigation Administration-Upper Pampanga River Integrated Irrigation System (NIA-UPRIIS) said on Sunday the Pantabangan Dam in Nueva Ecija is far from its spilling level and actually still needs to store more water.

Despite recent heavy rains, NIA-UPRIIS latest data show Pantabangan Dam’s water elevation stands at 195.40 meters, stikk 25.6 meters below its spilling level of 221 meters. Tropical cyclones “Pepito” and “Quinta” contributed only about four meters to Pantabangan Dam’s water elevation.

Engr. Rosalinda Bote, NIA-UPRIIS department manager, earlier said Pantabangan Dam needed to reach a water level of 214 meters to irrigate its total covered area of 140,000 hectares for the dry season.

Bote said yhe flood waters yjat inundated and rendered several road sections in Nueva Ecija at the height of Typhoon Quinta last month may have been due to water cascading from the upstream town of Gabaldon and Digmala River in Bongabon.

The NIA-UPRIIS official urged the public not to worry because they will release relevant information or official notice at least six hours prior to release, if needed, from Pantabangan Dam.

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