Pagudpud school turns plastic wastes into ‘eco-bricks’

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Creative young student seldom run out of “green ideas.” This truism has been proven once again by students of the the Luzong National High School (LNHS) in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte who converted plastic wastes into beautiful “eco-brics.”

Schools in the province of Ilocos Norte may be devoid of students due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic but it never runs out of “green ideas”.

The LNHS) has declared war on wastes and its students  slowly transformed their laminated packaging and other plastic wastes materials into pleasantly looking and sturdy “eco-bricks” which have become a livelihood source for some enterprising local folks.

LNSH has started using them brics to beautify its school pavement, while others sell them to “plantitos” and  “plantitas” who have ventured into growing and selling various plant species since the Covid-19 lockdown started.

LNSH teacher Thelma Ruiz-Sacsac said it all started with a contest on solid waste management last year sponsored by the North Luzon Renewable Corporation (NLREC). “We joined the contest and we won the P10,000 prize. We then use the amount as seed money to buy molder and cement,” she explained.

NLREC owns and operates the 81-megawatt wind farm in Caparispisan village, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte which provides some incentives to green initiative projects and programs on sustainable environment as part of its  corporate social responsibility program.

One eco-bric is produced from every 50 to 100 pieces of plastics. The brics are reportedly five to six times stronger than a regular brick made of sand and cement. While the students are busy working on their self-learning modules at home, some parents and teachers are also using their spare time in school to lay the eco tile bricks, the school produced.

Priced at P80 to P100 per eco brick measuring 15 x 15 inches, Sacsac said they now sell the eco-bricks to interested buyers. “We are selling some of the eco-bricks to the community for sustainability,” she said.

More interesting developments may emerge yet. In a draft provincial resolution certified as urgent by Ilocos Norte Gov. Matthew Joseph Manotoc, the province plans to partner with NLREC and Green Antz Builders to build and develop an “eco hub” in the province that will “collect and reuse discarded plastic materials and transform them into valuable resources like eco-bricks as construction materials.”

Provincial Board Member Donald Nicolas said Green Antz Builders, represented by its president and CEO  Rommel Benig has agreed the eco-bric technology can be  adopted and used in certain productive ventures.

Observers said the eco-hub facility will surely benefit local folks and communities not only in job generation but also in inspiring more people to segregate their wastes properly.

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