DOT launches ‘motourismo’ to attract travelers

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The Department of Tourism (DOT), in tandem with the  Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), has tapped motorcycle riders as domestic tourism ambassadors under its “Motourismo” program to demonstrate a “safe, fun, and practical” travel experience to several destinations in the country which are now reopening their doors to tourists.

Launched last week, the Motourismo campaign seeks to “revitalize travel experience under the new normal and allow tourists to rediscover the country’s sights on two wheels.”

Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat said that by initiating this “safe, yet very thrilling and worthwhile campaign to promote motorcycle tourism through TPB, we want to restore the confidence of the public to travel domestically and help the tourism industry to bounce back from the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis,”

Puyat expressed optimism motorcycle riders would be able to promote the Philippines as a country of “fun and diverse experience,” as well as highlight motorcycles as a secure and viable transportation mode to explore tourist attractions.

The campaign will also “create opportunities for tour operators to initiate new tour programs, help those who have lost their jobs to jumpstart small businesses, and generally serve as a platform to disseminate information on safe travels.”

The TPB, for its part, said “Motourismo” is a pragmatic and sustainable way of promoting the country’s untapped tourism destinations.

“It will also showcase the interesting culture and heritage sites, shops, restaurants, and other tourism products all over the country that Filipinos can discover,” it added.

Speciously and thoroughly planned, “Motourismo” has come to fruition with TPB’s collaboration with DOT, the Department of Transportation (DOTr), RidePH, and many motorcycle rider clubs and associations in the country.

The DOT has also recently launched the “Have a Safe Trip, Pinas” video to promote safe travel and support tourism workers.

Following the “Noypi” tribute to medical front-liners, the new video brings travelers back to familiar, yet slightly different territory: tourism in the new normal.

Scenes from a typical out-of-town trip – partaking in tourism activities, lounging by scenic spots, al fresco dining in the moonlight – are interjected with images that people have grown accustomed to only this year, such as face masks and shields, gloved hospitality staff, and the constant reminders to keep physical distancing.

The video shows singer Armi Millare’s rendition of “You,” a song popularized by Basil Valdez 40 years ago, which provides a background for the narrative of a young man and woman seemingly meeting for the first time as they arrive on an island.

“More than a campaign to remind tourists to adhere to new normal guidelines, ‘Have a Safe Trip, Pinas’ shows that we can still experience the magic when traveling amid the pandemic,” the DOT said.

The video, it added, also highlights the community benefits of tourism – that behind the happy memories  visitors make and the souvenirs they take home are the hardworking people who make everything happen.

Its final scenes show real people from Boracay whose jobs and livelihoods were restored when reopened and travel commenced anew.

“They truly are pleased to welcome you back, because no mask can hide a smile from the heart,” the DOT added.

For information on reopened destinations and their respective health and safety protocols, tourists may visit, or download the DOT’s official app at

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