Gov’t affirms PH-UN partnership for advancement of human rights

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Malacañang has affirmed its partnership with the United Nations in advancing human rights in the country.

Presidential Human Rights Committee Secretariat (PHRCS) executive director, Undersecretary Severo Catura, said  various significant advances have marked the country’s human rights efforts despite massive criticisms reaching the United Nations (UN) against the Philippines.

“It has been a challenge for the Philippines to really convey the correct information on what is happening with us and as I’ve said it has been so focused on the very sensitive and confidential issues that really gives us a bad name to the international arena,” Catura admitted,

He said the UN has already seen the initiatives of the country related to human rights advocacy. “We have taken all efforts to convey the truth about human rights in many areas, and I believe we’ve been able to succeed,” he added.

Catura said human rights should not be limited to “what arguments typical groups” pose about the country. He noted that critics of government oftentimes talk about EJKs, deaths arising from illegal drugs, alleged torture, harassments, suppression of rights, but the country has already addressed these issues and made the UN realize  the government has done many accountable mechanisms to promote, protect, and fulfill the human rights of its citizens.

“This manifestation of realization has resulted in a resolution that supported the Philippines which actually, in fact, disregards the call for the international mission to come to the Philippines,” he added.

Catura said there is now a strong partnership between the UN and the Philippines “to move forward and to really advance all these mechanisms.”

He reiterated President Duterte’s remarks that “human rights should also include the right to have a society that is free from terrorism, illegal drugs, corruption, and criminality.”

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