Online caroling, karaoke singing may be OK

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The Department of Health (DOH) has urged the public to refrain from physical Christmas caroling and karaoke singing during current yuletide season on account of the obtain Covid-19 pandemic, but advised that virtual similar activities may be okay.

In a recent advisory issued, the DOH said people may opt to just listen to music instead of actually singing to avoid droplets that may spread the coronavirus disease. In clear terms, it said caroling and karaoke singing can cause the spread of the virus among people present in the gathering.

“Studies show that more droplets are being emitted by a person while he/she is singing or shouting. This means that the possibility to contract the virus is much higher during this type of gatherings),” the advisory read.

Passing of the microphone other instruments are likely to happen in such physical gathering, and no one is sure if the hand of the person who held and passed the object is clean, and the lethal virus may easily be transferred to the next person and all the others in the room.

An increase in new cases of Covid-19 has been reported  recently prompting the DOH to issue the call to remind the public of the risk factors that come with the disease. Health and safety, after all, is the best gift one can give to their loved ones.

Christmas and other celebrations may still be done safely, according to DOH.

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