American diplomat assures peaceful US presidential transition will happen

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MANILA – United States (US) Embassy Chargé d’Affaires John Law has assured that the presidential transition in Washington D.C. on January 20 will happen peacefully “as it has for over two centuries.”

Law earlier condemned the US Capitol attack last January 6, and made clear the actions of the rioters “do not define our country, our principles and our ideals”.

Quoting US Secretary of State (Mike) Pompeo, Law said the rioters’ “type of lawlessness and destruction is unacceptable.”

He thanked Filipino leaders who sent “heartfelt messages of support” that symbolized the “strong” friendship between the US and the Philippines.

“American democracy has repeatedly proven resilient and strong. With the support of steadfast friends like the Philippines, I am confident that will continue to be true,” Law said.

Thousands of supporters of US President Donald Trump marched to the US Capitol to protest the November presidential election results as the US Congress began counting the Electoral College votes.

The protest, however, turned into a riot that resulted in  vandalization, destruction, looting, and occupation of the US Capitol for several hours. Four rioters and one police officer died in the incident.

On January 7, the US Congress certified Joseph Biden, Jr.’s win as president, hours after a mob at the Capitol interrupted the process.

Biden will go on record as the 46th US president.

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