Koreans top aliens denied of PH entry in 2020

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South Koreans, have topped the list of the 3,044 aliens denied entry into the Philippines last year, which was, however, lower than the 7,700 in 2019.

Bureau of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Jaime Morente said a large number of aliens were turned away from January to March 2020 or before the government enforced a lockdown which led to the suspension of many international flights and closure of the country’s borders to foreign travelers.

“As expected, there were fewer aliens excluded last year since passenger arrivals during that period dropped by a whopping 74%, due mainly to global travel restrictions imposed after the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak,” he said. .

Atty. Candy Tan, BI Port Operations Division chief said South Koreans topped the list of excluded aliens at 1,350, followed by Chinese, 532; Vietnamese, 333; Americans,  247; Indonesians, 181; and Malaysians, 180.

Tan said 53% of passengers were turned back for being likely to become public charge, while 16% were denied  entry for being improperly documented in relation to imposed travel restrictions.

She added that 112 were also turned away for being on the immigration blacklist of unwanted aliens while 29 passengers were sent back for having been previously deported from the Philippines for violating immigration laws.

There were also18 foreign passengers who were denied entry for being rude, unruly, and discourteous towards immigration officers.

Morente assured BI continues to be vigilant in screening alien arrivals to ensure only those eligible for admission are allowed into the country.

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